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We will:

• Define the current state of your business

• Explore the desired state of your business

• Assess the current issues you're facing

• Find the solution that works best for you

"I highly recommend JFCD for your media needs. Justin from JFCD has been a pleasure to work with. His work is outstanding and great service. JFCD exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Justin."

Frank Langello

The Sandwich Shop Staten Island

How does it work?

Basically, we design and manage your sales funnel.

- A sales funnel is what ALL big businesses (like Google) use to generate customers and convert sales.

First, we optimize your website for effectively carrying out your business, generating customers, and converting sales.

If it isn't, we'll take care of that for you.

- Once optimized, a percentage of every person that visits your website will become a customer, which we will keep track of.

- We then use digital and social media marketing to bring more of your ideal customers to your website.



Let's say your current Conversion Rate (CR) is 0-2%, which is most common.

Let's also say that each sale is worth $50.

- For every 100 people who visit your website, UP TO 2 people will check out, generating +$100.

Now let's say you use our services to boost your CR to up to 10% (which we've achieved).

- For every 100 people who visit your website, UP TO 10 people will check out, generating +$500.

Now let's also say that you use our digital and social media marketing services to drive a minimum of 1,000 people to your website per month, all interested in what you have to offer.

1,000 visitors (per month) + 10% CR ($50 checkout average) = a minimum of 100 sales (per month), generating a minimum of +$5,000 (per month).

With enough optimization, your business will become a money vending machine, where you put money in and get more money out.

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Hey, I'm Justin Fiorentino, Founder & CEO of JFCD Digital Marketing.

After working with a variety of small-medium sized businesses over the years, I have come to understand the common struggles and fears they face, especially during COVID-19. I have one main focus: What can I do to help small businesses thrive during this time?

Simply, it's by going online.

Let's face the facts: Most so-called "Website Designers" and "Marketing Experts" don't care about you. They care about making a sale and giving you the bare minimum.

They'll design you a website that leaves you with more of a liability than an asset, and they'll leave you completely helpless as to what to do next. How do you run the online store?  How do you adapt your business to the online world? How do you keep customers coming?

Here at JFCD Digital Marketing, we provide a unique client experience you will find nowhere else. A one-stop service that will get your business off the ground, or to get you to that next level you are after.